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Starting a Business


Use the following documents to help you safely navigate the often overwhelming process of starting a business.

Choosing a Legal Structure for Your Business Download PDF
When choosing a legal structure for your new business, make sure you refer to this handy table. It describes the most common entity structures—including sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations—as well as some of the relevant considerations involved in choosing among them.

Starting a Business in California Download PDF
This document provides a broad-brush overview of the factors to consider when starting a business in California, including trademarks, legal requirements, and the importance of having a solid business plan.

Forming a Corporation through BLG Download PDF
Learn all about our Basic Incorporation Package. It provides new business owners with all of the documents and guidance they need to quickly get up and running as a California corporation.

Forming an LLC through BLG Download PDF
Discover how easy it can be to form a California limited liability company (LLC) with help from Buchanan Law Group and our Basic Formation Package.

The Buy-Sell Agreement Download PDF
This document explains the general issues covered in a buy-sell agreement and why such agreements are important. A buy-sell agreement can help minimize disruption and protect your business after a significant event, such as the death, divorce, or departure of a partner or major shareholder.

Contracts and Insurance: A Primer Download PDF
After forming an LLC or corporation, find out how you can employ contracts and insurance to further manage the risk associated with your business.